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5 Home Improvement Blogs to Inspire Your Next Project

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The popular saying “there is always room for improvement” can be applied to many things. Your home is also included. No matter the type of project you may be planning on embarking on, it should not be intimidating.

“How brilliant it is that individuals don’t waste any period of their time when planning to improve the world”. The famous Anne Frank was right when she made that statement. She definitely hit the nail directly on the head when explaining the home improvement project.

If you are considering spicing up your home or even looking for improved ideas to use, there is a lot of information published on the internet as regards DIY, decoration and home improvement.

Consider the cutting-edge app for home improvement and other platform's like Houzz and Pinterest grants homeowners access to professionals not far fetched. The difficulty may arise when selecting the best one to use. It can be hard when sifting through all of them.

Home improvement is great tools that should be used by individuals who plan to upgrade the look of their homes and the functionality. The owners of these blogs are ready to help you make practical and beautiful modifications to your home.

Ranging from minimal town decorators to national brands with massive contents, blogs that discuss more on home improvement all have their own specialty. These blogs all offer different information. We have 5 of our best home improvement blogs which when strictly followed, will be of help to inspire you for your next project.

The centsational style

This named site was created by a known young California woman named Kate Riley. She established it as a forum to discuss her upcoming projects.

Are you in need of a part decorator, part DIYer and a part decorator, Centsational style provides the trifecta in cases involving home improvement expertise. Some homeowners may get important advice from Kate’s clean, a profound colorful blog, that caters for everything relating to the moulding of a DIY picture frame to peel-and-stick floor options.

Among her favorites is the titled guide to affordable and easy DIY Shiplap which is a common preference found within individuals who love classic farmhouse style and upper fans.

She ones her own YouTube channel and has an active social media account


designer trapped

Have you ever imagined trading in your suit for a tool belt? If yes is your answer, then this is for you. A self-proclaimed designer popularly known as Tasha did just that. She was known as a full-blown lawyer before diverting to blogging. She was regarded as a civil trial lawyer who had won a handful number of cases.

It all happens suddenly when her taste switched from being a lawyer into full-time blogging. Her motivation came from her family and friends and now she specializes decorating tips and designs.

In 2002 she had her Interest in a DIY project as it was the only method that she and her hubby could afford when considering remodeling her home.

Her blog also offers gorgeous photography, a slew of needed resources for decorating and a delightful anecdote. Ranging from rug placement to pillow arrangement strategies, the designer trapped explains the true home styling secrets.



Just like the name implies, it is popular due to its remodeling features. The remodeling gurus known are cassette and her husband who follow up their motto "reuse,re-purpose, reduce, recycle and remodel”.

It combines a straightforward and clean web design with important DIY information. Cassy and her hubby have remodeled more than 4 houses and are actively working on their 5th one.

Although her post discusses how to slide barn doors and hacks to PVC pipes, it goes beyond that. The name "Cass" as she calls herself, plans to go into homemaking and family topics.

With the above discussed, her customers show much love for her project tutorials and all her online printables.


Joanna Gaines: Magnolia the blog

After the last season of their HGTV fixer-upper, there is every reason to display love to the gained family. Her blog is not just aimed at displaying re-caps from homes for readers but delves into her new tv show created to touch issues of the heart. This is a project that she plans on embarking with her husband Chip Gaines.

Whether she features an emotional journey of a local artisan or dropping her thoughts on gratitude, she always makes you feel at home. Her conversation can be likened to having a cup of coffee with your dearest friend. It is all done in a relaxing manner.



This is another interesting blog that focuses on showing photos of everything related to home. If you want to see inspiration, Houzz is the best way to visualize your project.


As humans, our thirst for making improvement can never be quenched. The process of turning your house into your most beautiful home lies in your hand. You can get a novel, or search for unique and innovative ideas online. Never stop searching for answers. All these blogs explained above have histories, detailed tutorials, product recommendations and many more.

Remember that your next project doesn’t have to be massive. It doesn’t also have to be very intimidating. It should just be something you want to do to improve the current state of your house and to make changes to some parts that needs a new look. If you can make practical use of these steps, your home will definitely be the envied by visitors.