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Is Your Roof Ready for April Showers?


Getting a roof has a lot of questions related to it. Such as "is my roof ready for any kind of weather? " or "is my roof ready for April showers?" And asking all these questions and more is totally understandable as a good roof should be strong and stable enough to be able to handle just about any type of weather. Be it calm or Strong, cold or hot. Sometimes shingles tend to break and fall apart due to the cold that comes with winter. So different temperatures tend to have their Different impact on your roof.

So what is it about April Showers?

In a year, out of 12 months, April seems to be the 4th-5th wettest time of the year for a lot of states. Although it isn't considered the first, you should remember that your roof has just gone through both the driest and the coldest months of the year which must have left it very dry as well as brittle. Then April now shows up with a lot of rainstorms and your roof may not be ready for all the pressure, so the question is, would your roof be able to keep you safe? Your business, your family, and also your important assets and documents? All this should be put into consideration as the heavy rains coming could wipe them all out.

As winter comes with cold and dryness, it also causes quite a number of issues with your roof such as debris from fallen leaves, and when the rain comes they tend to lead to clogged valleys etc. Animals such as wildlife tend to seek shelter from the rain and might enter any opening on your roof when it begins to rain. These animals could include raccoons, squirrels etc. Which might cause a lot of damage to your important documents and as well contaminate your food or environment in a quest to getting warmer during the cold and persistent rainfall.

In ensuring you are ready for the April Showers, you should know there are some steps you can take in order to prevent these damages caused by weather challenges. To be prepared for the April Showers, it is best you start planning just before April as last-minute decisions wouldn't be much of an advantage. So you should be able to make decisions on saving your roof such as cleaning and repairs as these are two major factors is preparing your roof for the rain coming. You should know just the kind of roof would be prepared for just about any weather condition.

This is why you need a good roofer as they would give you options of roofing types which work in various ways. A good roofer would advise you on just what you need to get to ensure your roof stays and lasts the period of time it is supposed to. You can get one to help you with a roof inspection during the spring and let you know how you can handle your roof which is liable to sustaining damages from the rain.

tips & tricks for making sure your roof is ready for april showers

  • If you know the age of your roof is pretty old, then you might see granules scattered all around your gutters, so be sure to keep a good eye on your gutters. You can then find roofing contractors to fix the problem before the rains.

  • You should always look out for granules which you can find in your gutters or around your lawn floor. Inspect your shingles with the aid of binoculars for damages, curling and even missing shingles. When you notice all of these then you can get a roofing contractor to help you either chance your roof or replace your shingles. If the number of shingles missing is much, then it is better to replace the whole roof as getting new shingles would not look as attractive as shingles tend to change color over time.

  • Make sure to check your attic for any wild animal hiding or living in there. And look for limbs from trees which could be damaging your roof or have a chance of falling on your roof, therefore, damaging in total. When you notice this, take down the roof limbs by pruning

  • When inspecting your home for a roofing problem that might cause a bigger problem During the raining month of April, you should inspect your ceiling for any water stains. Water stains indicate the presence of a leaking roof and even little water can enter, during the rainy days it might be a whole lot worse. Finding a place where your roof is leaking from isn't exactly easy but if you find it difficult to do so yourself, always know you can get the help of a professional roofer who knows his job. Your roofer would find out the problem and let you know if you need a repair or a replacement.

  • You should know if there are piles of debris in the valleys. Also, check dormers and behind the chimney. These leaves and debris usually fall and then build up because of the dry weather. When it finally rains, it can clog your gutters and prevent the free passage of water. When you notice this, clear it up.


Knowing if your roof is April shower ready centers on a lot of inspections and decisions. So you should always be ready to call in a good roofer to help you out in areas you can't figure out yourself.

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